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Man, the first comment for every article on this Site is always from some half-wit troll blaming something on "liberals" that has nothing to do with the story. how/why do you do it? I think I can imagine're just sit in your little rebel flag and unicorn covered basement waiting for ANY new story to pop up on your favorite news site? And then you see it! 'MAN KILLS GIRLFRIEND'.."Aha!" you say "libbers at it again, but how to make the connection?" you ask yourself as you caress your Obama voodoo doll. "hmmm abortion? sex marriage? control? on religion?! got it...death penalty" The perfect script straight from the sean hannity play book..simple math...5-degrees of seperation = absolute truth.

First of all genius NC DOES HAVE A DEATH PENALTY! At least do a little research before you start beating at your keyboard with your troll hooves. Oh wait....."research"...nah that's no way to form an opinion is it? Just regurgitate everything you see on bumperstickers or Fox news. you are week and sad and an embarrassment to the group to which believe that you belong.


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