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Just this past week within

Just this past week within my surrounding area, four people have died in car wrecks. Why haven’t I heard the Liberals calling for a BAN ON AUTOMOBILES? Where are all the mothers, Doctors and Victims of car crashes yelling obscenities about, How Bad Cars Are for our Health? Or How irresponsible people handle cars, and because of that, we should ALL not have cars?! Where is the Socialized Government on this??? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? But, the government wants their taxes; people want their independence and freedom, so everyone is acceptable to a million or so deaths per year from automobile deaths and injuries. Which is an acceptable collateral damage – to the government and the people. Then, why isn’t any death, any collateral damage acceptable, when it comes to guns? Especially when the stakes are higher. It’s to protect your home and your physical body. To protect the members of your household. And, to tell your government – enough is enough. I guess you’d rather wait for a civil war to break out and lose it all. Ridiculous, isn’t it?


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