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I think it's a GREAT idea.... long as we continue with the idea of making those who play, pay.

For example, no more gazillion dollar giveaways to the local soccer leagues. Raise the sign-up fees and let the soccer league fund itself.

No more funding for museums or art. If they can't pay for themselves, they go under....just like the private sector.

No one should be forced to subsidize a service that he or she will never use nor garner any benefit from. The simple fact is that user fees are GOOD. In the case at hand, unless you are a runner, you pay nothing. This has absolutely no impact on you at all. If you are a runner, then it's only right that YOU help defray the costs the city occurs because of these runs. If there's a police officer along that race route directing traffic, YOU need to be helping pay his salary.

That's the direction we need to start moving in, by getting the government out of absorbing the cost for niche interests in various minority segments of the population.


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