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Horse Hockey "Uncle Reality!

Your argument is what the politicians will use but the reality is that these and other such events bring 100s if not 1000s of people into the downtown area that would not have come downtown otherwise. These people eat, drink and spend money while they are there. This translates to an increase in sales with is good for the businesses in the area and due to sales tax, good for the city government as well. It is also true that most of these events are for charity. It is the "it's only a dollar" attitude that allows taxes and fees to steadily rise without proper vetting and consideration by voters.

The fact is, organizers will find other locations for their events and the net result will likely be less money in the town coffers rather than more. It has been proven that raising taxes is the least efficient way to increase revenue and in many cases it has the opposite effect. Businesses move, jobs are lost, people stop spending money, etc. The city should look to find ways to encourage organizations, businesses and such to choose downtown and Wilmington for their events not discourage.


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