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This is to funny…… Bad

This is to funny…… Bad Boy, Bad boy, what you going to do??? Do your Time…. However, the bitting of the dog, I love it…. Our Local police have a hatred for citizens. Because some people breaks laws and do bad things, doesen’t mean that police have a right to act as aggressively as they do. Their jobs and their badges give them a sense that it is acceptable to be legal thugs. The German Sheperd would not ask the man to submit. The German Sheperd was sent to tear holes in this man’s flesh. We have soldiers who are going through court martials for exercising less aggression than our civil service police officers. Do you understand what I just described to you? There’s a difference between civil service and warrior, but our police believe they are warriors and exercise it daily. It is my intention to point this fact out, and there should be a difference between civil service and warrior that is as different as night and day. Being a police officer is a tough job. It requires mental toughness. It will require a well-balanced psychological person. And we have very, very few of these. There used to be a motto that police departments had, and it was on their vehicles and all their publications. I don’t see it anymore. It’s been replaced with D.A.R.E. The old motto was better, but I believe the police department dropped it because they knew it was hypocritical. It was, “To Protect, and Serve.”


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