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A fedw random thoughts on previous posts:

"It's obvious that those survivalist "loons" who move to the most remote parts of Idaho or Montana have the right idea and aren't loony at all. They'll be the only ones who enjoy freedom and escape tyranny."
C'mon now. Tyranny? Every darned grocery store STILL offers paper bags and most will sell a reusable one, so there's nothing tyrannical about banning the plastic ones. Good grief.

"They were not elected to be the ecological conscience of society, despite their superior intellects."
Other guest...
What? They're not? They oversee landfill operations, waste water treatment, and water treatment. They are indeed the ecological conscience of this area - that's part of their job. They may not do it to our liking but that's a different story.

Two things come to my mind here.
First we are a tourist area and the natives LOVE the beaches too. As such we want them to stay litter free and the county (and state) should help towns like Wrightsville beach, because the tourists and local generate an awful lot of tax revenue for state, county and local coffers.
Second - I myself have softened over the years. I have bought reusable grocery bags and quite frankly LIKE them as they serve multiple purposes. This by no means makes me a "tree hugger" but this one is easy, and makes sense.
The County Commissioners are right to explore this in conjunction with the beach towns it's in everyones best interest.

Now as far as saving oil goes, yes this would save us from having to import some oil - but at what cost? A few thousand more trees being taken down? I'm not sure that's a good trade off. Ecologically paper bags are better as a litter disposal means than plastic as they degrade in landfills.
We should be doing everything we can to keep out beaches cleaner and minimize fossil fuel use whenever possible. At the same time we should be drilling off our coast looking for more oil and building wind farms there as well.

Best Regards


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