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A Classical example of wasteful NH Govt.Spending

Its absolutely mind boggleing as to why this run-away spending train is allowed to continue. Obviously now - Most of these Council Members can't even ballance their own check book at home -- let alone the City/Counties.

For an expense between: 35-42 million dollars, The County may get to hire on 300 "additional" people needed to maintain this Minor league Ball Park. NO MENTION of how this affects The Private Sector in Wilmington & New Hanover County is there -- other than a huge tax hike. Maybe the revenues brought in will only help pay for these 300 new employees saleries ?

New Hanover & The City of Wilmington have a full fledged City Manager & staff and a full fledged Legal Team on payroll w/staff to research any funding or projects needed for the City Council. YET -- its far easier to blow a: 'paultry" $355,000 for a further feasibility study needed - and already have a legal team and staffed City Managers Office available to do just that. Money Wilmington does NOT have to waste !

Flywheel/Trask Developement company backs out of this deal -- as they know its a: Loosing Proposition from its conception. FTD is a Private Business -- not affiliated with the local govt. -- but Bruce Shell proceeds on in defiance in a high gear -- blowing big money thats not there.

Bruce Shell was obviously: NOT a Math Major when in school -- otherwise He would have tabled this hair brained idea of haveing a Minor League Ball Park years ago - and we are stuck with him !

We owe a lot to: Mrs. Laura Padgett who was the only person to vote NO -- and we need more women just like her to represent the best interests for the folks of Wilmington & New Hanover County. We will also elect a better qualified City County serve N.H.county in 2012


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