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Keep your eye on the ball ($)

What kind of magical thinking are the City Council engaged in if they think that building a baseball stadium downtown will draw people in? How can anyone possibly evaluate these scenarios without knowing the actual site proposals (and who owns them)?
But, let's think about what this public-private partnership actually means. The taxpayer will on the hook for AT LEAST $25,000,000 plus interest for what 20 - 30 years? We get to pay back the principle, pay the interest, pay to attend, pay for food and beverage, pay for parking, pay for maintenance, pay for employees, pay for local management, so that the Atlanta Braves can train multi-millionaire ballplayers?
This is an outrageous con on the taxpayer. We pay and pay and pay and pay so they can play. We do however, get to watch.

Public-private partnerships are the embodiment of what Mussolini dubbed “corporatism;” that is the “merger of state and corporate power."

"Council also voted 6-1 approving $355,000 for further feasibility study, outside legal council and financial advice." I can't wait to see which To Big to Fail bankers come to town. I'm guessing JP Morgan...they're known for this sort of thing.


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