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Good work brothers. Painfully obvious there are unhappy people in the world and would only complain after getting a million dollars that it was not two.

And some are right. Just because doesn't entitle you to anything. For example, like blacks being blacks. Race alone should not entitle you to freebies of any kind. But we all know how that plays out and when you do your job, do it well and risk your life to save another, then... It was once said no greater love hath man than to risk his or her own life for someone they do not know or may not even like.

It's not like being a registered nurse working in a clinical setting, or someone trying to correct a journalist on gramatical errors or substance of reporting, and even the idiot kings who need dictionaries for the bigger words, no real threat. But, I hope they are fairly competent and do their jobs well.

Perhaps, one day, a news agency will do a article about them being hero's and making a difference in someones life. But that would require them to have some integrity about themselves. It would require moral fortitude to go in harms way when the outcome is uncertain. It would require doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.

But then again, perhaps not...


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