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Congrats Grama!

You were a nurse and that is a very noble career. Most nurses I know work under a physician's orders and are doing what the doctor tells them to do. When you are outside the confines of the hospital you are not allowed to perform these protocols. Cops don't have the benefit of a "doctor" telling them what to do. They don't get to just walk out the door at the end of a shift and not be expected to still be a cop. These officers talked a potentially very violent situation down. That is not something cops just DO everyday. Cops are expected to perform traffic related duties and investigate crimes. Dealing with a violent armed individual isn't just standard duty. These guys would be getting dragged through the mud all over the news if they had recognition for succeeding though. I am sorry that you went your whole career either not doing anything that deserved recognition or working for a crappy boss that didn't care enough to recognize good work.


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