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Phoenix Closure

I am sorry that Mr Clifton lost his fight with cancer. Several of my family members have passed away under the same set of circumstances. I am glad his widow made a sound finacial business decision that will allow her time to grieve and move on.

However, it is my opinion the vast majority of downtown is bohemian by nature. Which, unfortunately, includes Cafe Phoenix.

Republicans do support small business ventures and the like, however, I don't always have to agree with their opinion. Since you are trying to infer or make implications I will share another example. The abortion debate, Republicans are pro life and Democrats are pro choice. Personally, I feel it is up to my wife to make decisions of what is or is not in the best interest for her and her body. No one else bears that responsibility. But she and I communicate and share information and ideas while making informed decisions. We do not make decisions based upon media attempts to sensationalize a story to generate ratings or misinformation by interest groups, like Stop Titan or Surfriders.

Again, glad another hippie hang out bites the dust. I do not support the bohemian genre.

I fail to make your connection of hippies to bums...maybe you have some first hand knowledge and are a little more informed on what being a hippie is.


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