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I have literary magazine on

I have literary magazine on my Kindle and Monday I was in the waiting room at my daughter's orthodontist and saw the link for a poem titled, "A Prayer". I followed the link and the poem started, "Great Ooga-Booga". You'd be almost as well of praying to the Great Ooga-Booga as you would be in saying a prayer to nobody. One is idolatry, I don't know what the other one would be called, but both are completely pointless.

When will people wake up and actually read the Constitution? It protects our freedom OF religion. It in no way guarantees freedom FROM religion. Charlotte's police department is not only violating the freedom of religion for these chaplains, they are also violating their freedom of speech. I would hope that since they are Christians, that the Chaplains would refrain from any kind of prayer that does not include Jesus.


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