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@geez. To Christians, Jesus

@geez. To Christians, Jesus is God. But Muslims recognize God as Allah. Chaplains aren't there to push their beliefs on anyone. However they don't have to sacrifice their own religion to prevent others from being offended. The only ones who get offended are those that don't believe or just want to sour the milk. All religions have a constitutional right to practice their belief and that same right protects them from having to give up any part of their belief to not offend others. You also forget not everyone has a religion. So regardless of faith, when you speak to God (note the g is capitalized) during a prayer, you are 100% disregarding aethiests and agnostics. So where's your answer?

@good job Charlotte police, work is not church. You are correct. Church is a building where people go to worship, work is where you go to make money. Unless you work for a church, work is not church. There are laws and freedoms in place that make it illegal to prevent worship in a work environment. They stem from the same 1st amendment that you are using to attempt to make a point with repetitive sarcasm. We get it, but you have no leg to stand on.


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