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I am not arguing that what these boys did wasnt wrong! It was very wrong to all degrees. But by you stereotyping it as a "Black", shows that you are just as ignorant as they are. Do you now watch the same news that I watch? or read the same papers that I read? Just last week there was a case of a WHITE man killing his girlfriend very violently, did you see any african-american people, posting "look at this crazy WHITE man". or the several white people who have killed their children and parents and so forth. No! These unnecessary killings are not just in the black community, they are happening EVERYWHERE! We all need to pray for our country as a whole, because this tyranny is effecting everyone no matter the race, age, or creed. WECT is turning into a place where racism can be spoken aloud & very clearly. I send my condolences to this man's family & friends, & hope he may rest in peace. I am not as closed minded into blaming this on the color of their skin, rather the disregard for human life that is taking place all over the place. I will pray that you will do the same...


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