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Not all

Not all blacks should be judged for what these thugs have done. And yes I use the word thugs even though I have been ridiculed for my use of the word. They are depraved thugs who have no value for human life.

Too many bad things have been put on here about the black race. They do not represent all blacks, just as Manson doesn't represent all whites. They chose to commit murder over a few dollars and some food and I hope that justice will be served, no matter the color.

I can't wait to see how the family member's defend them - you know, "they never did nothing wrong" and "they are just boys that made a mistake".

And as for the comments about Al and Jessie, you know they won't show up here unless the situation is different and they think they can get some publicity. Now those two give the black race a bad name!


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