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a man gets shot by low life's and all you people can do is speak of a black and white issue and politics. The big issue hear is death. Poor man was trying to make a living and pay his bills. And was killed by selfesh thugs that wont work so they can pay for food. Sorry times in this country!
I think all take out orders should be paid over the phone when ordered so delivery guys wont have to play with their lives carrying money. Certain places should be cut off. Not to be rude to different areas but to protect the working delivery guys who are in danger. It could happen in Leland, Landfall and in the bad part of town. It happens when you have kids not being taking to church or inside family home where they are taught to respect each other and work for a living to get somewhere in life. You have to want to grow up and be a human being, not a low life. Parents.. watch who your kids are hangin with.. Be aware, it you dont trust the person your kids hang out with then the next person wont trust your kid. and should they...


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