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I have been following the news on this issue and also the reader response. There are some great takeaways from it that could actually make this an equitable deal.
One writer qusestioned why taxpayers should underwrite the stadium and then get the priveliege to pay for parking, admittance, and the cost of overpriced beer, peanuts, hot dogs, etc. The obvious answers is that the taxpaying "owners" should get the perks all owners get. Free parking, free preferential seating, and complimentary food. Just like the Mandalay people get at their other ball parks. Let the county residents and others pay all those fees.
As far as the onerous $50,000 a day fines for missed completion deadlines, that is really a blessing in disguise. We have the construction company take out a bond to cover it. What we add is that if Mandalay pulls out for any reason before all the debt is paid that either they pay it off themselves or pay a $50,000 a day fine. We need to make sure we have the principals on the note and not just the company.
If the fines were good enough for them it should be equitable for us. Then as Mr. Saffo says: everyone has skin in the game.
On the player side, if we provide the venue for the players to showcase their skills and win a multi-million dollar contract should we not deserve to be paid a percentage of their future earnings? Nothing extravagant, just the same percentage their agents get. Now, would that not be equitable to all involved and end all this discussion?


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