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I'm all for baseball in Wilmington if Atlanta wants to pay for it.
After all if the NSS report is right Atalanta should make a fortune off of us.
IF Mandalanta pulls out we'll know they didn't have faith in the quality of the NSS report.
The report after all does say Wilmingtons and baseball are a great fit.
As YOU'VE said they now have the FIGURES to back up THAT claim.
Now all they have to do is open their wallets and build the stadium.

Now the fun starts, but as I've said the fact that the voters will decide has made one private enterprise pull out. Why is that? They claim its uncertainty. How so? They can still put together another private financing team before the bond referendum figure is put on the ballot form.
Or is the REAL truth this:
Mandalanta wanted the report to say what it did in the hope the city would fall all over itself and build them a free stadium to use! Perhaps?
I love baseball and I love the free market. So let the free market help Mandalanta make the decision. The government should not interfere in this endeavor but I also know that incentives do and in some cases SHOULD be given.
I'd consider $15M or less over 30 years with a mandatory lease term of at least 5 (I'd prefer 10) years for Mandalanta.
After all, the NSS report says if you build it they will come.
Or will they?

Best Regards


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