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According to the NSS report, which you claim to be very familiar with, 30% of the stadiums build in the last three years that were comparable to the proposed Wilmington facility were 100% PRIVATELY FUNDED. One other stadium was built with 82% Private funding and 18% public.

Let me repeat, according to NSS: OVER 30% WERE BUILT WITH LITTLE OR NO PUBLIC FUNDING!!!

It's funny, Chuck, you're constantly referring to the NSS report, saying it proves that a publicly funded stadium is a can't-miss money-maker for Wilmington, yet you don't seem to even know what's actually in the report. Is it that you didn't really read the report, or did you read it but not understand what the words meant?

Speaking of leaving facts out, has anyone bothered to take a look at the Braves other minor league teams to see how they're doing? (Answer: Not too good!)


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