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What?!!! I didn't see the interview, and don't want to. This woman is out to sell her book, and anyone with any taste at all, won't pay a penny for it. Let's not give her the publicity she is seeking.

She is trying to justify what she did - which she can't. Yes, John Edwards is to blame - it took both of them - but have you noticed, other than the court appearances, you aren't seeing too much of him? Maybe some day down the road he will write a book - who knows.

In the meantime, to justify herself, she is going to slander Elizabeth, who is dead and can't defend herself. No marriage is perfect - there is always going to be something that causes problems - but a good majority of the husbands and wives don't go out and cheat - they work it out.

If you see this woman is going to be on a talk show, don't watch. Don't give her the time of day. I feel for the child growing up with such a mother who has such a low value of herself and who tries to excuse her inexcusable behavior.


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