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Pizza Delivery Murder - an epic failure of NC black families

Want to know how six teenage animals could kill an innocent Chinese immigrant? Let’s start with racial bigotry. One of the most under-reported stories in the USA is African-American racist bigotry against Asians. Asian community is starting to talk about this big time. But pigs will fly before these clowns get charged with a hate crime. Compare that to the Trayvon Martin case.

NOTE: what follows is not a racist rant. The statistics below have a clear message: the black community in North Carolina needs to take responsibility for its lousy quality of life.
- Blacks comprise 20% of the NC population, but 66% of the NC prison population. 48% of the NC murders, and 45% of the rapes are committed by black perpetrators.
- NC violent crime rate is higher than the national average; i.e., it’s safer in New York City than in Wilmington. While blacks & whites are equally likely in NC to commit nonviolent burglaries & larcenies, violent crimes are predominantly committed by black criminals (NC State University statistics).
- 66% of NC blacks grow up in broken homes, as compared to 24% whites. The average life expectancy of NC black males is 68, vs. 75 for whites.
- According to a study of 100,000 NC former prison inmates, blacks in NC prisons have a lower mortality rate than those not in prison in NC. For black men, their chance of dying inside prison during any given year is 50% less than on the outside. White men stand a 12% higher chance of dying in prison during any given year than they do on the outside. What does this say about crime-ridden black neighborhoods?
- NC has the highest number of abortions of any state in the South. 35% of these involve black babies, though blacks only comprise 20% of the population.
- For every 100,000 black females in NC, 1,781 had Chlamydia (a sexually transmitted disease), compared to 227 white females. For black and white males the numbers are 466 & 40 respectively. In other words, the rate of STD infection for NC black men & women is 900% & 1000% more than white counterpart populations.
- In 2010, the percentage of NC juveniles under the age of 18 arrested for murder & rape increased by 23% & 16% respectively over the previous year. For 16-yr olds there was a 50% increase in arrests for murder & a 30% increase in arrests for rape. For juveniles (<18) overall, there was a 50% increase in arrests for sex crimes & a 67% increase in arrests for gambling.

With that, let the 'you're a racist' name-calling begin.


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