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MR.Walters,what blacks have you been talking to.That said its all the white man fault.You are sayin all black people are lazy,don't want to work, all drop out of school.It seem like we went from five to six young men commiting murder to a whole race of good for nothing ,lazy, dropouts.If i can remember correctly one of the first commits made was it is not fair to lump a whole race of people together to six young men that committed a brutal murder and went and ate the food.So where are we,a brutal murder by six young men or a whole race of good for nothing people.About statistics you know they are only correct if you believe in them. About a month ago it was something in the paper about jobs and unemployment going down and no one believe it but now we are statistics biggest supporter.Am i saying they are not correct, no but we can pad any stat.we want,next time try and provide the links were these stats.are and the people can read them and do a little research.You know like the reader that went back and found the young man arrest record from 08.


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