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Wow what a rant that said absolulely nothing. All I said is that because I am white it is not my fault blacks get in trouble, and this is true. As I said before it is not my fault blacks commit crime at a higher percentage than other races. It is not my fault blacks dropout of school at a higher percentage than other races. It is not my fault for any of their other problems. You seem to leave out the fact I did not say all black people were like this. I know many black men and women who are highly educated and are very productive citizens. I also stated black leaders have come out and said that blacks need to stop blaming everyone else for problems they have created. You just proved me right by trying to shift the focus from the big issue, 6 fools killed an innocent man who was trying to do his job by delivering food for a restaurant he worked at. Quite frankly I believe the investigation will show they ordered the food with the intention of robbing the delivery person, and killing him. Reports say he was shot in the foot first then he was shot in the face killing him. Personally it sounds like a racially motivated hate crime, brought on by the hatred of Asians by Blacks. Of course blacks do not want people talking about their bigotry and racist ways.


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