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Come on folks

There have been alot of comments on here - some right, some wrong, some pretty bad. Some are upset because they believe these kids are being singled out because they are black. Regardless of their color, they committed murder. Why? Because there is no regard for life. They are not taught it - they listen to music that glorifies murder, they see it every day, and they grow up many times without good influences in their life. It does not excuse what they did. They made the choice to kill and must pay the price for it.

Mommas will defend their children - right or wrong - that is what mommas do, but sometimes mom has to step back and realize that their child has made a life changing decision that she can't change. The families of these "thugs" (and I am accused of using that word alot, but that is what they are) will get to visit their children in prison, if they are put there, and will get to talk to them. The family of the man they killed get to go to his grave and put flowers on it. They will not be able to talk to him.

And for those of you who accuse authorities of making these race related, we can't help that these were blacks that did it. That is just the nature of the crime. I wonder how many would be protesting and demanding answers if the victim had been a black man? think about it.


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