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NC Black Families

I totally agree with your response Tweety. Why are issues with black people always coupled with welfare and broken families?! Now their discussing rape, abortion and STDs. The statistics are not as accurate as you may think. The stats are generated from information gathered at public health facilities, the information is public. Whites are most likely treated at private facilities and their information is private. It doesn't mean their stats are less. In regards to broken homes. How about statistics on families with divorced parents, parents remarried, and molestation by parents, generally, the step parent. Which race of people frequently have this issue in their families?! Blacks usually marry for love. Whites marry for status, money or lust. Which is why it usually doesn't last long. If it does, they are so unhappy they spend most of their time drinking to help cope with the life they've chosen to keep their image when they are really just unhappy. Of course, there the other option of just having a mistress on the side.


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