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You're an IDIOT!

The important thing here is that crime was committed and the STATS show the percentage of each race who commits these crimes. Who cares specifically how people murdered other, what I care about is that MORE percentage Black people murdered people. Period. The STATs show the percentage of race, meaning criminals per capita. Of course there would be more white people committing the crimes because there are more white people in general. It shows that if I were amongst a group of white people, I'd be less likely to be killed and raped if I were amongst the same numbered group of blacks. Learn to read before you get on here and try to make excuses for your pathetic people. Say thanks instead of ranting when someone else is trying to throw you a bone and educate you a little bit.

I, as a Chinese American living in Wilmington, am absolutely not surprised the animals are a pack of black shits. If today is the first day you've heard/learned about black hate crimes against Asians, then you need to get your head out of your own --- and listen and learn. I personally have experienced numerous verbal and emotional attacks from black people trying to intimidate me my whole life, growing up here as an immigrant. My family members, also delivery drivers in Wilmington, have been robbed at gun point numerous times (all by black people) with no results of suspects. If you need more proof of these crimes, no need to go on the internet to read up on anything...Asians are too busy working and have no time to waste time posting to teach the likes of you...then maybe take some time and ask actual Asians in person their personal experiences/interactions with black people. I came to this country with no preconceived notions of how it "used" to be in this country, I did not come here as a racist. I only know how I feel as I grow up in this country, being treated the way I was by black people and white people to conclude my own feelings and thoughts about the racial stereotypes. I've concluded that most, not all, black people have treated me like shit in the past. All this talking about how you think these animals should suffer is really wasting everybody's time, when you can use that to head over to a Wells Fargo branch and donate to Mr Liu's family!
It also would've been nice to see some of you at his funeral service...sadly, only 2 black people showed up to show the family support....


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