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"I know those crooked white

"I know those crooked white cops keep framed drug dealers money all the time."
I'm sure you know all about it. Yeah, there's nothing worse than a dangerous drug dealer getting framed by the police. What a travesty. lol!

" mens trying to get things we can never get!"
That's called stealing. There are things I will never get, so I have to go without them or work harder and save. Since you don't mind trivial things like breaking and entering, you should put a sign out in front of your residence inviting "black mens" (sic) to invade your home and take whatever they don't have.

OK, so drug dealers and thieves are A-OK, but a white lady defending her property and chasing off 2 home invaders with a bat is a menace to society. You could at least give the woman a little street credit and some props for not taking any sh*t from the future felons of America.


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