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"City Leaders"

I believe Mandalay knows this project is over. In spite of the full court press the city and supporters will do, most of the voting public will see thru the smoke screen and vote no. The bond issue will fail also. Without private funding the project will end. The only thing left to decide is how much more money the Mayor and Council will decide to waste on this project. It is a shame the extra sales tax money will be wasted on lessons in futility. I feel sorry for the city residents. It must be extremely difficult to hear about necessary tax increases while the city government wastes 100's of thousands of dollars. How much of a tax increase would be necessary if the money wasted on the Convention Center, Hotel project, Baseball Project, and Parking Deck being sold/re purchased at a loss was still in the city's bank account. The room taxes applied to the Convention Center could have been applied to other needed projects. If all of this money had not been wasted, would the city have to freeze its employees wages? Maybe when the election results are in........current city leaders will receive a wake up call as they are shown the exit.


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