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Reality check come November

The unfortunate force working against these baseball advocates , is that come November , people will be showing up to vote for economic reasons on the local , state and national level.Government has not been responsible stewards of taxpayer's money and this issue will be on their minds when checking their boxes on the ballot. With the Socialist in the White House , Happy Perdue in Raleigh and King Billy and His Court , we have been on a helluva ride.When we are looking at the degree of indebtedness , the mayor and council members have an obligation to answer tough but fair questioning from a media outlet. The fact they are playing a game of avoidance , cast an even darker cloud concerning these negotiations. There is no integrity or transparency from these folks. This has been a backrrom deal from the onset. As for Sterling Cheatham , he is incompetent and not articulate enough to respond concerning the state of the city's finances.He is simply a stooge with a title and a big paycheck. His judgement and his grasp of the issues thus far makes him unfit for this position.This defiance of economic reality is the worst kind of governance in this economic climate. They are placing the city in great financial peril with their grossly irresponsible handling of taxpayer monies.Their arrogance that they know better is the same attitude the man on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave has concerning the welfare of the people..... sit down and shut up. The city is over obligating the citizens , therefore expect a mass exodus from the city if financial restraint is not exercised.They can possibly bankrupt the city and follow Obama's skid marks off the side of the financial cliff.


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