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Actually you didn't miss anything.
The original survey asked if people would want a baseball team here and the natural response was yes.
When asked about using public funds for it though, the story is far different.

Seventy percent of the registered voters responding to the poll opposed a city-financed $40 million ballpark, with only 20 percent supporting the idea. Nine percent were unsure. Opposition crossed the gender gap: 73 percent of the men and 69 percent of the women opposed a city-funded field.

This was ONLY 300 voters so I don't accept it as being totally accurate.
However when you see the comments on WECT news articles, and comments here, AND add in the petition drive and how easy it was to collect those signatures and it should be apparent to ALL concerned that baseball is wanted here but not at taxpayers expense.
BTW the article above was from March 7 so opposition has been around since the beginning, not as a result of any negative press from WWAY.

I would like to see this thing go to the voters with the best possible deal being put forth prior to the vote. That way we will see how much risk Mandalanta is willing to accept. If the NSS survey is to be believed as accurate they will have no qualms about funding this on their own.

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