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For Can't Believe

@ Guest 788
All Ben and Josh did was keep the Mayor and City Council from shoving this project down the tax payers throats. There will now be an election to decide this issue. All I've heard from Chuck and Terry are how 70% of the people want this, how your polls are the only ones that count. You discount what anyone that does not agree with you says, put down their education, their lack of enlightenment, and even where they live in the area. You claim single A ball is so much better than anything else we have now and how dare anyone dispute what you think. You are mad there will actually be an election because in your selfish minds this project should have happened and the tax payers should just pay and keep their opinions to themselves. Well......What are you worried about? According to your propaganda this should be passed by an overwhelming majority of the voters. I believe you are worried because you saying it does not make it the truth. The people will see through the distortions and just plain lies of a few selfish people. The people will say NO to turning Wilmington into a Welfare Center for billionaires. The voters are going to reject this. The bond issue will fail. In the end, there will be 100's of thousands of dollars once again wasted by city government. The same government that has to raise taxes to pay for necessary projects Wilmington needs. If Mandalay and the Braves have not left before the election, the voters will show them the door. Hopefully some of the “so called city leaders” will be shown the same exit.


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