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Multi - use????

That is not the issue,so call it "Baseball" we call it using a "multi-use Stadium for Economic Development".

Yeah right.
The only solid support for multi-use may be UNCW according to sect 6 of the NSS report. And THAT would only be pre and post season play
CFCC doesn't have a team
High school baseball would be out due to budget problems

The Azalea festival concert? Maybe

Here's a though for you. The downtown concert series is very popular. NSS said "hey move it into our stadium". Concert promoters said "Now we will charge admission."
Uh hello? Anyone home? Do you think its even remotely possible that these concerts are popular because they're FREE?

Section 6 contains so much pie in the sky wishful thinking its pathetic.
NSS compiled a lot of statistics but when it came to economic impact and development they had to rely on estimates and surveys. They used terms like possible, expressed an interest, could etc etc etc.
Now here's where incentives for company's differ.
They bring in say 2000 jobs. They know their average salary that will be paid. Thats good, solid numbers.
Whereas NSS had to use estimates. The down town location is both a blessing and a curse to this project. Sure NSS believes it to have the best chance for economic impact but the down town area is also a Jeckyl and Hyde location. During the day its bustling - at night its a bar scene. Many residents perceive it to be a violent area. This is not seen as a safe place for family entertainment venues.
Add to the fact that Wilmington would be one of the smallest (by population) metro areas to have a stadium and you can see that economic impact may be over stated. Their own figures show non tennant use to be estimated to be 150 events but the mean league average is 120 or 20% less than the estimated numbers. And in comparable cities youth, HS and college baseball make up MOST of the non tennant events. Here youth baseball attracts only several hundred attendees and as stated before no HS baseball and only pre and post season college (post season college baseball would NOT be yearly as there'd be a lot of competition to host CAA tourneys).
The BEST non tennant use appears to be Hammerheads soccer. They average 4,000 per game at Legion according to NSS - yet, they don't WANT to leave Legion Stadium. I wonder why that is?
Over whelming estimates of economic impact and under whelming support for public funding makes for a possible disastrous adventure into minor league baseball- AGAIN. Considering how the first adventure turned out we need to look at this with eyes wide open..

Best Regards


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