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Blacks Remember Zhen too!!!

Though I understand where you come from, and research does support some of your claims, do not think for one second the Black community of Wilmington is not fighting for Zhen. I am African American, and have been a longtime friend of Lui's family, and a former business partner with his boss. Many African Americans such as myself are appalled by this horrific crime. But, we cannot be blamed for the lack of acknowledgment of it from notable Black groups and organizations. Furthermore, the NAACP does not speak for as an individual, nor does it represent all people of color. We must get away from the issue of race. Did I lash out at people like you or your ethnic community to speak out when Suright Zhang Balk shot an old White woman for fun? No i didn't. We must unify as PEOPLE, and always remember that groups like the New Black Panthers, the NAACP, or even the Klu Klux Klan are not the voices of their ethnic communities. I am confident Zhen's killers will pay..whether they are Black, Asian, or White.


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