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Yea It's like the comedian David Cross says....."not all gay guys talk like gay guys but ONLY gay guys talk like gay guys" I'm kidding here, but I do agree with your point.

And this issue is not so much "racial" as it is cultural. True racism is to believe that some racial genetic factor makes one human superior or inferior to another. That's not what's going on here. It's that the african american culture that is broken. Growing up white in the inner city brought me very close to this culture and though I had many black friends I was still forced to fight and/ or run like hell on many occasions, and in those ocassions it was always groups guys, never just one, that's the gang mentality.

The fact is poverty breeds crime. This type of violence happens all over the world by many differant races of people. In America, the problem is that we incentivise poverty by allowing the abuse of our welfare systems. We were poor as all hell growing up, and on welfare but NOT PERMANENTLY, we used it to survive until we could claw our way into better circumstances via hard damn work. My brother and I finished college, hell he has a Masters degree. The African american culture started in poverty, it had no choice but to do so. but it remains in poverty because our social welfare system has allowed allowed a culture to use it as a pinnacle of there lifestyle, never intending to or taking the personal responsability to actually EARN a living. This is not intent of the system. If we don't stop the abuse of the welfare system the African American culture may never shake the chains of poverty and this of course means the violence will continue.


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