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No Doubt, this will stimulate the negative responses

but at least for once, it will be about a topic other than the downtown, river front albatross.

Question 1: did they do the crime?

Question 2: were lives lost or injured as a result of their actions?

Question 3: if property was damaged, did they make restitution?

Question 4: why is race an issue here? Would whites be extended the same pardons under the same circumstances?

When all else fails, throw out the race card.

Question 5: why not come into the present and focus on the issues of today? Why not get into the neighborhoods which are creating all of these thugs and thug wannabes? Get in their faces or the faces of their parents & force them to change their lifestyles while they still have the chance?

Even Bill Cosby might have a negative response on this topic.


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