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run across this- written by a marine.

I have recently retired from the military and the crime in the military is at all time highs. I was a military police officer and something that is not published but well known in the military is that Affirmative action has done major damage to its ranks. We are lucky that the military is using higher standards these days but the military such as the Army and the Marine Corps will still issue a waiver for most anything other than rape or murder. Their are more military police officers in the military now than ever before. And no PTSD are not the typical reasons a person commits a crime. Usually the person was a dirtbag before they entered. Hopefully the Marine Corps and the Army will start to follow the Airforce and Coast Guard when it comes to enlistment and go by the same guidelines and zero tolerance for criminals. The majority of people entering the military these days have no clue what being patriotic means. Morales and loyality is a whole other issue. You would not believe kids today entering the military. Since social studies is not being taught in most schools today the young men and women have to look at a map just to see where countries like the UK or Australia is located to see if they want to be stationed their. Its a damn shame a person coming into the US legally and I stress legally going through the citizenship process has to learn more about the United States than most of our young men and women know before entering the military.!! It sickens me to think that twenty years from now kids will be clueless as most are now. We allow anyone and everyone to Sue if they do not like our flag being flown in a certain area or the cross which this country was founded with be in an area that offends someone. If I have to be tolerant to a muslim that arrived here yesterday but cannot let my flag fly on my property today because it may insight hate to a passing mexican or muslim is outragous!!! I believe in change and I believe in equality but when a country is run into the ground because of fear we are at the beginning of the end. Yes I said all of that to sa this.... Are you supprised another military member and a member of our society has no problem with killing another. Your answer should be no and thats a shame. You can typically see where your headed when you look back and see where we have been or coming from. Scary isnt it!!!!!


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