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Does this mean that the

Does this mean that the whole college is going to get promoted also? I know of a whole lot of staff that is there working their butts off and they have not had a raise in almost five years. I know that there are raises going on all over in Wilmington. The water company and the trash company. The other colleges are getting raises. I don't understand why UNCW staff hasn't gotten theirs yet. I am ready to call it like it is. I look at all the "projects" going on around there and the raising of college prices all around for the students. Then, there is the staff who always seem to be the "last" on the list. The ones who keep that place up and running everyday who get the shun. They get emails suggesting at times that full time employees might have their hours cut. I know of at least one department which I am sure there are more that are under capacity. That need more employees in order for it to run successfully. It is difficult for some employees to want to do their job when their co-pays for their insurance continue to rise and their pay doesn't. I guess I don't blame them and when I cut through there and see employees hold up in a corner of a lot, just wasting time, I laugh and say good for them. Serves the college right. I understand it needs to continue to grow. What I don't understand is how they expect staff to take care of new buildings that are already falling apart. One more rant "Fix the street lights through there before a staff member or a student gets run over in the crosswalks". I know you have them and the light bulbs.


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