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Concerned Student

First and foremost SHAME on many of you for judging this officer. I would say shame on WWAY but it doesn't surprise me that they would run a story like this. None of you know the story behind this myself included, and it was a TIP therefore we don't know how much of it is factual information. As a 3rd year UNCW student I have never felt safer on a college campus. We have never had a shoting, a lockdown, or any of the sort therefore campus police are obviously doing their jobs!!! As for Officer Lindsey's decisions he was obviously repremanded as was stated in the report and took his punishment. Hippocrite? I think not! Those of you pointing fingers and judging are not seeing the big picture. If the UNCW police force saw him fit to take this position who are any one of us to judge. Officer Lindsey and any other law officer are protecting citizens every day!! Having alcohol on your breath and being drunk are two different things. Catholic priests have alcohol on their breath after taking communion, but no one criticizes them! I ask you all to take a step back and rethink how you are judging this man.


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