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Hook, line & sinker...

Love baseball. Grew up with it. Played it. Watched it. Have attended major, minor & little league games since I was 6 (40 years+). If city government wants to SPECULATE with taxes, bet on infrastructure like roads, wastewater, or other real world necessities. DO NOT bet on baseball. Cities around the country can testify to this (see the homepage). For goodness sake, if the Braves or Mandalay thought this was a slam dunk, they wouldn't even whisper in our direction about funding (they'd never want us to know how 'lucrative' this scheme could possibly be). Fact is, they've got a whopper on the hook and they want to land it. Should the Braves & Mandalay (& private investors) finance the deal and leave taxpayers out of it, I'll buy season tickets! I am not an anti-tax zealot - taxes serve a purpose in our community and this IS NOT one of them. City staff needs to snap out of it and perk up. It's 2012 folks. Please.


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