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"I'm not a rat, so I don't

"I'm not a rat, so I don't tell on anybody, but what I know I'll go to the grave with," Tindall said. "All I can say with all truth and sincerity is that it was not me."

What a load of crap. You and your other 9 idiots are due nothing. You are entitled to nothing. You took away the lives and work of many people. If you want "justice", how about you DO tell what you know, be a rat. Show true justice for those that suffered. Otherwise you ARE just as guilty as those that were involved. One would think if you wanted to prove to the world how innocent you were this would have occurred to you and your group a little sooner.

This "I am not a rat" mentality is a cancer of society. A cancer perpetuated by people like you and the rest of your fools that think snitching is a dishonor. Being a robbing, destructive, murderous piece of human filth is a dishonor. Doing the right thing is not. I'm not sure where in history segments of society got that mixed up. People like you should be locked up for refusing to cooperate alone. Contempt of court, and that is not protected by the 5th Amendment.

What is true is that you and your other 9 were responsible for the destruction and lost lives during that time. You have had your 15 minutes of fame from a liberal media. But the world is a little sick of hearing how sorry we should feel for you.

I'm more interested in hearing from the store owners, widows, firemen, and policemen who were actually the victims, not 10 murderous criminals.


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