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Here's what you said:

Quit harping on this,as well as costs.
We all know this is a major expenditure and decision.
How do you know there will be no Private sector financing.
In Dayton,Ohio the Bank paid 3 million over 10 years for naming rights.
We will have something similar here as well,or better.
Also do not forget we are jammed here in July/August with Visitors and Tourists,now doubt there might some visitors here with interest.
Allow the process to work itself our,the "SCARE TACTICS/FEAR CAMPAIGN" is not working."

Of course you want me to stop harping on cost.
Don't you get it Duke?
This has NOTHING to do with baseball
It has everything to do with debt/debt service and taxes.
Mandalanta announced that Trask pulled out and that private financing was NOT on the table for them it was up to the city to find private financing. According to Laura Padgett no new partners have come forth as of last week.
I sure hope they do find LOT of private financing. Like $40M worth.
This upcoming election will be about spending.
Not empty promises of revenues or economic impact.
Its debt, present and future
You can spew all the promises of growth and and economic impact that you want. If we have to pay to get there then we won't vote for it.
Came back when we're out of debt and have funds in the bank.
Come back when the Team wishing to move here is willing to pay for it.
We'll be glad to let them keep ALL the revenues from advertising
We'll be glad to let them name the stadium

Come back when you have 100% financing and WANT to be here without having to ask us to pay for it.
We want baseball here - after we have our financial house in order.
Best Regards


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