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Please go so that the naysayers can proceed to get this project killed off once and for all. Your blind allegiance to baseball and or Mandalanta has clouded your vision.
Its way too hot for me to advise you to take a walk outside fora breath of fresh air so stay inside.
Google Port City Roosters check the news articles about the attendance at those games.
Google Wilmington Convention Center and see how many public functions they have scheduled for this summer.
Then Google crime statistics and see why down town is considered a high crime area.

UNLESS there's a huge new partner we don't know about which is highly doubtful (I'm talking bigger than Trask) then the supporters of baseball have a big problem. Duke Mayor Safffo wanted more Mandalanta skin in the game at $32M. He couldn't support it at $42M.
Please don't feign indignation if Council/Mayor reject this deal on July 10.

Best Regards


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