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A heartfelt statement that you feel unamerican? Makes no sense.

If you feel un-American, you have just as much freedom to leave. I have yet to see the basis where this actually hurts small businesses. Please provide factual basis how a small business is affected by this and please do not be vague. If you are going to raise an argument, provide factual evidence for your basis.

I'm not being anal, I'm just reaffirming the fact that you have freedom, as most conservatives are always crying about being stripped from, to leave the United States. Hell, I would have done it if Sarah Palin was elected vice president in 2008. Can you imagine what the country would be like now?

Again, what makes you feel "un-American". Would you feel more American if the government said they didn't care about you or your healthcare at all what so ever?

The problem I have is, whether I agree with the President or I don't or the decision by the Supreme Court, should it have gone as I wanted or not...I still respect my country.

This is a constitutional process. If they voted to repeal it all, yes, I would see it as a step in the wrong direction but I respect the fact that these justices are educated on the facets of your freedoms and your laws. Congress has the power to tax you, so the law is constitutional. The Congress was elected by the people, the President was elected by the people who in turn, appointed justices to the supreme court who made a decision based on facts on the laws of this nation that makes you feel "un-American".


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