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I see the big picture fine

First, mayor Bloomberg is trying to introduce a small facet by disallowing the sale of 64 oz soft drinks because he daily sees sloths corraling about his city without the moral turpitude that maybe they should have grabbed the bottled water. Sure, nothing is stopping the guy from buying two 32 oz drinks and making the same conclusion. But maybe, just maybe, the guy notices that he probably only needs the smaller one, then perhaps one life is somewhat altered. Its no different then changing the diet in a school lunchroom or elsewhere. You cannot always stop people from making poor decisions, however, you can try to dissuade them.

Second, I believe in order to operate in a civilized society, which, we are slowly working toward because in the past 200 years we have decided a few things were a bad idea (slavery, segregation, pro-life, women's right to vote) etc... All those items were "oops" moments where society had a knee jerk reaction when we tried to change them but over time they were adopted as being morally sound. You probably see this as an attempt to promote Socialism, but I see this AFA as a step in the right direction.

You don't have to buy health insurance and if you decide not to, thats your "freedom" but I am not footing the bill for it either should you be fiscally able to and make that poor decision. You should be asked to contribute via tax. Because when you are bleeding out on the side of the road, you better hope they get you healthcare quick so you can live. I see you pay for insurance and I do as well.


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