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My issue

isn't really with the health care act itself, it's the Federal Mandate that everyone either has health insurance or they pay a "tax". I am in disbelief that the SCOTUS chose to uphold this and then call it a "tax". You can change the wording and call it whatever the heck you want to but it's not a tax, it's a penalty, and it's utter BS!! I know there are no easy answers for the problems with health insurance that this country faces but this is not the answer.

I'm an independent & was on the fence about voting for Obama but not anymore. I'll vote for Romney for lack of a better option and hope that congress repeals at least the individual mandate portion of this fiasco. And for those that are commenting saying if someone doesn't like the decision then they should "leave the country" my response to them is you can pound sand.

I don't think the founding fathers ever envisioned the federal government forcing every person in the country to buy a product or face a monetary penalty and pretty much making that a condition of being a US citizen. I care a great deal about the uninsured, the poor and eldery and anyone else who struggles to get medical care but this is NOT THE ANSWER!!!! Oh well, it's just my opinion and doesn't matter. In November it will......


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