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our society

Funny how I hear so many people complain that they can't AFFORD health care. So when they, or their children get sick, they take them to the hospital where they know they will get the care, free of charge, for them. But the rest of us end up footing the bill. Too many of these people who claim they can't AFFORD health care seem to have no problem affording alcohol, cigarettes, cell phones with expensive data plans, laptops, gameboys, ipads, expensive clothes, for them and their children. Too bad we live in a society where common sense and respect for others is the minority. So I have no problem with "taxing" these people who choose to not have health care, because they would rather have spend their money on these other non-essential luxeries in life. Too many people choose to NOT do what's right for them, and those around them. So unfortunately it's up to the government to make policies that treat everybody like a child, to try to get these people to take a little responsibility for their lives. The alternative being, if you choose to spend your money on non-essential items instead of health care, then when you get sick, too bad for you. It was your choice, now live with it.


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