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How much is HUGE?

If my math skills are still intact, the law says you pay a tax if you choose not to have health insurance. $695 dollars a year is less than $2 a day. But you'll only pay that if you make more than 400% of the poverty level. Poverty level for 1 is 11k. So people who make between 11K and 44K will pay a portion of that.

Last year the US paid 23 BILLION -- YES BILLION -- Dollars to hospitals to cover ER treatment for the uninsured.

Let me tell you what will happen to you without Obamacare. You'll turn 60 and get sick and now have a pre-existing condition. It doesn't matter if you never cost them money before. You get better and return to work and get laid off in a recession. Eventually your healthcare premium will go from $400 a month to $1200 a month. If you pay it they'll raise the fee to $1600 a month. If you look for another company they'll refuse you because of a pre-existing condtion. Eventually you'll have to sell your home to pay the premiums. You can't get federal assistance because you still have a small amount of (deflated) money in your 401K. A lifetime of work sitting the pocket of a healthcare insurance company.

Your sister is a free spirit without insurance but with a big truck, cell phone, cable service and plenty of beer and cigarettes. She gets sick and goes to the ER. The hospital has to stablize and diagnosis for free then kick her and her cancer to the curb. And YOU get increased taxes to pay her bill.

I'm sorry if $2 a day seems huge but look to your future. You could be paying with your LIFE.

BTW, I think the richest country in the world should cover health care of all children. They deserve it even if their parents don't think so.


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