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It's either a flat rate of

It's either a flat rate of $95 or 1% of your income whichever is higher...but yes, that rate might be lower than the cost of health insurance. It just depends on your poverty level. What everyone seems to be forgetting is the tax break and the increased assistance to help individuals get insurance that were otherwise unable to pay for it. "Moderate- and middle-income families will receive tax credit subsidies so that insurance premiums are affordable. So, Tens of millions of uninsured people will gain health coverage". Not to mention those that were denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition, will now be able to have health care; it will also help medicare patients, and will reduce premiums for women that have to pay a higher rate. Businesses with over 50 people will also have to provide coverage for their employees; that will cost employees less than if they were able to purchase it themselves. And there won't be any more co-pays for preventative care visits! This is helping the masses of people not the insurance companies. Grant it, I'm sure those money hungry millionaires will find a way to get more money out of us, but this is a much better solution for the majority of Americans. Get out of your pocketbooks and look at the bigger picture people! Do you know how many kids don't have health insurance that will be eligible for it now?! This might just save a lot of lives.


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