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Maybe I am the minority...

Maybe I am the minority... Idk. All I know is that I make just over 11k a year but have barely enough money to get by as is. Between student loans, car payments, car insurance, food, gas and various other living expenses I maybe have 50 bucks a month extra to have fun. All of this is assuming I do not have an accident, or something I own breaks down.

I use a prepaid phone and barely spend 200 bucks a year on it. I have a kia rio... I do not pay for cable, just the Internet for work and correspondence. I admit that my student loans are overwhelming, and I should have planned that better. However, I was a good student, graduated magna cum laude, and never once received an ounce of government aid or any scholarships.

In any case, I am just over the poverty line and because of that I have 2 choices, pay for health insurance I can not afford, or save up my money and pay the fee at the end of the year. I want healthcare, I have for a long time... But I can not afford it in my situation.

The truth is, if nothing changes by the time this kicks in, I will likely need to sell my car and either ride a bike (in Texas) or a bus. This means I will have about 2 hours of free time a day.

Tough i am glad that this bill may help a good amount of people, I feel like I have once again fallen through the cracks.This bill does not help me, it just makes my life that much worse...


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