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It is amazing to me at some of the comments made on this story. I applaud the churches for providing these meals. They are needed. Yes there will be those who take advantage of it like they do everything else. Unfortunately, you can'd stop the parasites! But there are those who are in need:

Think of the mother with three whose husband walked out on her, leaving her with a house payment, car payment and other bills to pay as well as feeding and taking care of her children. Yes, she has a good job, but these days, that money doesn't go far when paying bills and keeping food on the table. Is she a deadbeat? No - several years ago she worked three jobs to help take care of those children. She doesn't get food stamps because she makes too much money; she is not eligible for other help because she makes a few dollars above the requirement.

There are children in our area that go hungry every day, whether you believe it or not. Perhaps you should get out of our comfort zone and step out and serve at a food pantry or a place that serves meals and you will see. If you are not willing to put down your fork and knife long enough to see others in need, then shut up.


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